jordan bernstine

  1. Hawkeye27

    Jordan Bernstine Makes the Cut

    Good News! In the wake of McNutt's absence from the 53 man roster, it is good to see fellow hawkeye Jordan Bernstine made the roster. Not too many surprises on Redskins' final 53-man roster |
  2. Hawkeye27

    Jordan Bernstine Sacrificing body

    Redskins preseason opener: Ten Observations | Redskins preseason notes. The washington examiner wrote about 10 things they liked. One was Bernstine sacrificing his body to take out a blocker. Bernstine was always a physical player. As noted in the article, the...
  3. Hawkeye27

    Bernstine and Gettis in coaches view

    Both bernstine and Gettis are showing the coaches that they deserve to be there. "Now we may get to see more of Adam Gettis, the Redskins’ fifth-round pick out of Iowa. Until now, Gettis has worked with the second team, but he stepped in with the first team when Chester went down. Gettis...
  4. Hawkeye27

    Jordan Bernsine has elite speed- Shanahan

    Shanahan says that Jordan Bernstine has elite speed. This is good news as Bernstine looks to solidify a spot on the team. The redskins waived Minnifield opening up another spot for players. ESPN reports "Brandyn Thompson, Kevin Barnes and Jordan Bernstine stand to take over the snaps...
  5. Hawkeye27

    Jordan Bernstine Interview with Redskins

    Jordan Bernstine, similar to Adam gettis was featured on the Redskins segment on getting to know rookies. He talks about feeling honored that Kirk Ferentz would put in a good word for him. He also says one of the biggest adjustments will be calling plays from the safety position. In his free...