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    Hawkeyes in NFL camps

    Ben Nieman made the AZ Cardinals 53 man roster and is listed as the #2 ILB on the depth chart. Josh Jackson was waived.
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    Next Nebraska Coach

    I've to Big Red sports bars and they pack them, usually younger fans, and it's often SRO.
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    Next Nebraska Coach

    Au contraire say I. Nebraska will eventually get it right. I can't imagine how obno their fans will be. I'll likely be six feet under and won't care. How long did it take Bama to replace Bear Bryant? 30 years to find Nick Saban. But in those 30 years they never gave up the desire to reach the...
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    Next Nebraska Coach

    I've thought about this some. Were Frost and Alberts teammates? If not I'd guess they both won national titles while Huskers. I can't imagine how tough it would be for a former player to fire the QB of two national titles, I think it's two.
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    Big Ten Not Well Represented in Early Poll

    lasy year's tourneys showed the B1G just isn't very good.
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    How Many Games Do You Plan On Attending This Year?

    0 but I'll watch them all on TV!
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    Next Nebraska Coach

    Brian Ferentz
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    Hawkeyes in NFL camps

    Ben making his case to make the Cardinals roster. Niemann make cases Linebacker Ben Niemann entered Saturday's game tied for the team lead in combined tackles, and he added five more against the Titans. One thwarted a two-point conversion, with help from undrafted rookie safety Tae Daley...
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    Big Ten Finalized The New Media Deal--$7 Billion

    Frank the Tank tweeted that there is an escalation section in the contract for further B1G expansion, should it happen. He said the usual suspects are Washington, Oregon, Cal, Stanford, and Notre Dame.
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    How come Kelton Copeland never takes any heat? Have we had a great WR corp since he arrived?
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    HN TV: Iowa Kickers Perfect on Kids Day

    You never really know until they kick in front of 70000 screaming fans. But, so far so good!
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    Hawkeyes in NFL camps

    Ben Nieman and Josh Jackson both showed well in the Cardinal's first pre season game last night. Nieman had 6 tackles, second most on the team. Jackson had 4 tackles I think and the announcers were positive on him making the roster. He was playing CB and had a good pass deflection that I saw...
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    Luka Garza update

    I didn't realize Danny Ainge had gone back to Utah and his Mormon roots. When Quinn Snyder quit as coach after what, 8 years?, he said the team needed a new direction and they are for sure blowing up the roster, hence the Gobert trade to Minnesota. Might be a good spot for Luka but right now it...
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    Top 10 highest paid coaches going into 2022

    Poor old Kirk doesn't even make the Top 10..... 1. Kirby Smart, Georgia: $10.25 million 2. Lincoln Riley, USC: $10 million (estimated salary) 3. Nick Saban, Alabama: $9.75 million 4. Brian Kelly, LSU: $9.5 million 4. Mel Tucker, Michigan State: $9.5 million 4. Ryan Day, Ohio State: $9.5...
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    Luka Garza update

    I suppose I agree with Fryowa on this. Luka just doesn't have the athleticism to be a rotation guy in the NBA. Someone posted once that Jarrod Uthoff is the same way. If Luka has a chance it would be as an end of the bench role player, somewhere where he can fit a need due to injury, etc. Luka...