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    Kadyn Procter Down to Iowa, Alabama

    Exciting time. Can’t blame him if picks Bama but black and gold is forever!! I so hope he becomes a Hawkeye but best wishes regardless!!
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    Kedrick Raphael Commits to Iowa Football

    Awesome go hawks!!
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    Official 2022 Cubs Baseball Thread

    Alcantara and crew !
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    Official 2022 Cubs Baseball Thread

    Go cubs go! Follow the team at Myrtle Beach. They have some future studs there. Last years trades will pay off and we weren’t winning with the guys traded the last couple of years. Two thoughts though: if you are going to a youth movement bring guys up and quit wasting at bats with guys with...
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    David Caulker Commits to Iowa Football

    This is great. Like everything I hear about him. Go hawks!!
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    Big Ten Tournament Thread

    Great season hawks. Brody will be fine - stay positive hawk fans. Go hawks!
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    Big Ten Tournament Thread

    Go hawks!
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    Big Ten Tournament Thread

    Go hawks!! Been a fun season. Keep it up!!
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    Big Men in Portal

    Well that’s disappointing but still possibilities out there! Go hawks!
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    Big Men in Portal

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    Big Men in Portal

    We really need a get. Go hawks!
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    Chad mentioned Josh O on his podcast...

    Things getting interesting. Theo Akwabu possible big man one year eligibility transfer
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    Hawkeyes at Rutgers Series Thread

    Thanks for updates! Go hawks!
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    Guess What Jack Nunge Just Did?

    Jack making that shot was great!! After a lot of reflection this was really a fun successful year. All those wins and a tournament title - awesome! When we least expect it will be when get back to the sweet 16. Go hawks
  15. S did the Clowns even make the field?

    Wisconsin 2-21 from three. Historically bad. MSU at least put up fight. Big ten really has shot the ball poorly.