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    Vaccine rollout

    I work in health care. Specifically radiology. I take images of people's lungs every day. I've taken images of people who are now dead because of Covid. I've been exposed to Covid countless times at work. Exposed by people who didn't take it seriously who I beg would do things differently. I...
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    Vaccine rollout

    From what I have gathered it doesn't matter which vaccine you get in regards to side effects. For me, personally, I had the Pfizer shot and was achy, and chilled both times starting about 12 hours after the shot but was resolved after a good sleep. It seems your likelihood of having side...
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    Austin Blythe signs with Chiefs

    Austin was financially set for life from birth. His grandfather owned Holden Seeds in Williamsburg, IA which was the largest independent seed producer in the US before he sold to Monsanto in 1997 for $1BN. Wouldn't be surprised if he took a pay cut to be closer to home. Both he and his wife are...
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    Recruiting class

    Women's basketball recruiting is almost as bad as US wealth distribution. 11 of the top 20 going to just 3 schools, three more schools get two each, and the other three get just one each. When you have basically four or five schools building rosters out the top 25 then distributing the "scraps"...
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    Kirk is now the Moon Family Head Football Coach

    Just like Bluder's new title, this is worse than The Michigan State Spartans Presented by Rocket Mortgage.
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    Story: Iowa Women's Basketball Lands No. 5 Seed in NCAAs

    P. Sue Beckwith, MD, Head Coach Lisa Bluder is worse than Michigan State Spartans presented by Rocket Mortgage.
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    Iowa Senior Night 7:00 Today

    Great Commentary. So, who did they play?
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    Initial thoughts on Michigan Beatdown of Iowa

    Will be hurting for bigs next year if Nunge tore an ACL again. Doubt Ogundele is going to be ready. He and Nunge are the only returning bigs. Keenan is the next closest but he is more of a 3 than even a 4. Maybe Luka will decide he wants to keep playing college ball.
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    Iowa at Maryland at 12:00 on BTN

    These threads are pathetic. One guy blowing sunshine and rainbow throwing heaps of praise for Iowa (amongst complaining about the refs) never mentioning that Iowa is getting their doors blown off.
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    Hawkeyes on espn2 at 1:00

    Must have lost. No score updates after halftime.
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    Blizzard Day Victory thread!

    Again, not posting the score. Ever.
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    Hawkeyes' Clark, Garza, Lee Heating Up Winter in Iowa

    Lee is robbing us of already limited viewing time. He ends all of his matches early.
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    February 7

    I watch NFL games pretty much all day Sunday and watch the weekday games as well. That is pretty much driven by fantasy football, it makes the games much more exciting. I don't watch the playoffs as closely typically but this year my team (Cleveland) actually made it so that was pretty exciting...
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    Hawkeyes vs Mildcats 5:00 on BTN

    WIthout reading I predict complaining about officials regardless of how the game is going and no score updates if Iowa is losing. edit: I skimmed the thread. Apparently the officials were bad. Iowa must have been winning the entire time because I only saw score updates where Iowa was ahead. I'm...
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    WTH am I watching?

    Adult man doesn't like what is on the TV. Too dumb to change the channel. Complains to internet.