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    Frans Recruiting By Year

    The Hawks exceeded my expectations this year and I'm happy for that. With that said, the recruiting has been subpar over the past 12 years under Fran. 2010: Basabe 3* Cartwright 3* Marble Jr 4* McCabe 3* 2011: White 3* Oglesby 3* Olaseni 3* 2012: Woodbury 4* Gesell 4* Clemmons 3* Meyer 3*...
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    Bracketology Thoughts

    This loss just killed our chances. Our schedule down the stretch is rough with only 2 games against teams that we should be considered a favorite. Getting thumped by a tourney bubble team at home, when it's so difficult to win on the road, is the end of the run for this team. I think the B1G...
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    Bracketology Thoughts

    The latest bracketology came out. Current Standings IN: Illinois (3) Purdue (2) Wisky (4) Mich St (5) fOSU(5) Rutgers (out) Iowa (7) Michigan (out) Indiana (9) NW (out) PSU (out) Minny (out) Maryland (out) Debby (out) First: How the F is Indiana in? Their only win against a top 25 team is...
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    Hawkeyes Working Through Lineup Options

    So what they're trying to say, is we don't have good enough guard play to solidify any quality minutes among the group. I don't care if Bohannon is at the 1 or the 2, he's not good enough on both ends of the floor to see starting minutes. Go bigger and start the only two bench players that...
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    Fran Out for Sunday's Game

    Hope he recovers quickly. Interesting choice to lead the team though. Dillard and Speraw have been with Fran much longer and have an equally dismal head coaching record as Billy T.
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    It's Time For Kris To Get Bohannon's Starting Spot

    Let's be honest with ourselves. The talent level on this team is sorely lacking. We have NO PG that can control the game. We have no SG that can play on both ends of the court. Our team is built around an undersized interior with no legit C to patrol the paint on D and limited offensive...
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    Connor a little salty here

    He's got such a bad shot that his arm more....please for the love of more.
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    Bruce Pearl

    Bringing back an oldy but a goody. Still resonates today. This post was from almost 10 years ago
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    It's Time For Kris To Get Bohannon's Starting Spot

    JBo cannot defend. JBo cannot create his own shot. JBo cannot penetrate and dish. The one AND ONLY value that JBo brings to a D1 basketball team is 3pt shooting. In games like last night we saw Rutgers ISO JBo defensively and just pound him to the basket for easy scores. He has zero...
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    Iowa vs Rutgers Stats

    JBo now holds another Iowa record....Air Balls in a game. Congrats JBo! Just think, another few years of eligibility and you may be able to lead Iowa / B1G in every statistical shooting category.
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    Iowa's worst player!

    CHA needs to go. The fundamental design of that thing was flawed from the beginning with the main concourse being at the top and everyone walks down to a seat. This isn't the primary reason fans aren't going to games right now but it sure is a contributor. Design a modern / multi-sport arena...
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    OK you 2nd guessers - Which play would you have called on 4th and 2 ft to go right before Kent.'s winning drive

    The issue isn't the play or lack of play on 4th down. A few key points to make here: It’s 4th and 10 for KY from the Iowa 46 yard line. KY goes for it on 4th down. Iowa (Harris) picks off the ball…and we take over possession at the Iowa 36. Why? That’s just basic football IQ and lack of...
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    Marble is pissed

    Only 5 Players in Iowa basketball history have been Consensus 1st Team All-Americans: Chuck Darling Luka Garza Dick Ives Murray Wier Herb Wilkinson Notice any names missing from this list? Yeah, it's Roy and his boy. Don't get me wrong, Roy was one of my favorite players to watch in the...
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    Sucks, but finally found out I don't really care

    Unfortunately I feel the same way. I have never been a Ferentz supporter as I firmly believe that Iowa performed a self-inflicted poop finger by missing out on Bob Stoops. We all have heard the stories over the years about Stoops wanting the job but BB wanting to hold one last interview before...
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    Howe: Not Easy Picking Starting Five for Iowa Basketball

    Offensively the kid has ice in his veins and is a tremendous shooter but on the defensive end he is a liability. He is a 2 playing the 1 and creates defensive problems that his offense doesn't offset.