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    Let's get the game thread started early tonight for a change: IL visits Iowa City

    I’m so sick of seeing the majority of people in the first 10 rows sitting on their hands after a big three. Ugh
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    Tip the cap to Michigan, they are just a better football team

    Michigan might very well win the NC!
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    Omicron Covid

    I say it this way: conservatives like to allow one to wipe their own ass while liberals like to wipe one’s ass for them.
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    Really impressed with this team tonight

    When Filip got into foul trouble early I was thinking the game was over and the hawks are gonna get beat by 30. Seeing josh ogundele in the first half for extended minutes made me think the kid is not a big10 caliber player. He looked incredibly slow to get into position constantly and just...
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    Omicron Covid

    Again, if you make the choice to get vaccinated and the vaccine protects you then how is an unvaccinated person hurting you? And if the vaccine doesn't protect you then why would you have a problem w/ someone choosing not to get an injection every 6 months? And if your answer to the second...
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    Omicron Covid

    The data is very clear how Covid affects those who choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle. “Breakthrough” cases are far from rare so I ask again; how does an unvaccinated person poise a risk to you and your family?
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    Omicron Covid

    My wife and i for the most part are holistic minded. When it comes to medication we do research and first take a holistic approach before jumping to western medicine. When it comes to our decision in fighting a virus we make the choice to allow our bodies to fight off virus' just as it's...
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    Omicron Covid

    and why is it the only people i hear about getting covid seems to be those who are vaxxed? My cousin, who just had cancer surgery a month ago, is in the hospital on oxygen. He's vaxxed and so is his wife who was also sent to the hospital. Another one of my vaxxed friends recently got it...
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    Deusce Hogan In Portal

    my wife is friends w/ deuce's mom on FB and she made a lengthy post about his decision to transfer. It was stated he was not transferring due to lack of playing time but rather what was said in the presser. However it was very clear from reading her post playing time most certainly played a...
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    Omicron Covid

    so let's say we get to 75% vaxxed and covid has not gone away. what then?
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    Omicron Covid

    So at what point are we going to move on and accept the fact we need to learn to live w/ this virus and all it's mutations? Let's move on already.
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    Anyone been lurking in on the Husker boards? Are they on the edge of the cliff?

    It’s just the same ole story for them.....
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    Martinez is out on Friday

    Yep and more than likely in Nebraska’s favor considering am won’t be on the field consistently throwing the ball to an Iowa db
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    Petras injury

    When I heard live what Kirk said right before half time I actually took the it as Spencer was not at 100% but he tried like heck to give it a go and was not able to be effective. Kirk obviously left out the Spencer not being 100% however I felt it was implied.
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    Howe: Hawkeyes May Have QB Controversy on Their Hands

    With this OL there shouldn’t be any qb controversy.