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  • ... side note... you were my first friend request... had no clue how to accept that. Think I figured it out... I hope. Shalom and enjoy the trip.
    Sounds fun... as fate would have it we are heading to South Dakota for a week... so I guess those guys are on their own... God Bless'em lol... :)
    Here's a guide you can call. He has a pretty busy schedule this year... he's an evangelist and has a bunch of trips that revolve around men's church groups. :) If nothing else, he might be able to recommend someone to you. Name is Ross Crowe (218) 875-2091
    Jon is a very good friend of mine, and I support his effort 100%. He is busy going around the state, doing town hall meetings and talking to small town Iowa media. I'll vote for BVP in the primary, but he won't beat Terry. Jon feels his best chance to win is for TB to prevail in the primary, but I can't vote for him out of principle.
    I guess smug was a little too strong, I apologize for that. I'm only seeking the truth, my common sense and logic steers me away from Christianity. I have felt this way since my Catholic days.
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