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    Speraw retiring

    Fran needs to learn from John Beilein and find his own version of Luke Yaklich.
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    Billy Taylor leaving

    Fran needs to learn from John Beilein and find his own version of Luke Yaklich.
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    Are you rooting for the Clones

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    Wisconsin Prediction

    Always an uphill battle at the Trohl Center.
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    Howe: Taking A Crack at Iowa's '22 Spring Two-Deep

    It should be pretty easy to forecast two-deeps for Iowa. Just remove the graduating players and slide everyone up a slot.
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    Officiating Crew Saturday

    His buffoonery could be the key to an Iowa victory!
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    Has Dolph issued a statement in the Young Dolph assassination?

    It kind of feels like you're making light of the murder of a young Black man. Not a great look, for you.
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    transfer portal news No idea if there's any kind of interest, if he's already a done deal to go elsewhere, or what. But would seem to be a great fit.
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    2019 Tyreke Locure

    What is dead may never die.
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    Bok Bok Huskers

    Legitimately was wondering why this wasn't on the basketball forum. "Coach Fred Hoiberg has added 6'11" center Bok Bok to his 2022 recruiting class. Bok, a native of Senegal..."
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    Just win baby...make orange Indians go splat official game thread.

    Hawks are drawing dead in any game that's officiated like this.
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    First round NCAA tourney loss?

    Iowa could lose every remaining regular season game, get bounced in the first round of the B1G tournament, then lose in the First Four, and Fran would still not be fired. Do people not remember how awful this program was when Fran took over? It would take multiple losing seasons for him to be...
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    Is it just me...but these officials...

    This game?
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    Last Two Weeks

    Small sample size alert, but it would seem that adjustments have been made following the Ohio State loss.
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    If Drake was in the Big Ten, your thoughts

    I'd guess they'd be around where Michigan State is, 3-7 or so. Better than Northwestern, not as good as Maryland.