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    Sweet 16 Hawkeyes-Buffaloes Game Thread

    I think what made it intentional was the thrust of both shoulder and hip into Gabbie. It wasn't really a moving screen, her body largely remained set, EXCEPT for the shoulder/hip check directly into Gabbie. It was closer to being worthy of a disqualification than it was to being a standard foul.
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    No Wisconsin no problem right? Official Ohio St vs Iowa Big Ten Tournament Game thread

    It's good that the replay for out of bounds could show Kris getting tackled, just so the refs could see their incompetence.
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    Joe Philbin

    Saw that Joe was let go as part of a Cowboys purge. Any chance he comes back to Iowa as OC or OL coach?
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    Kingsbury (no not that one)

    Sir this is a Wendy's
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    Iowa Basketball stuck in Meh offense ranked in the top 5 nationally for three years running, two straight seasons (at least!) with a first-team All-American, averaging 23 wins over the last four seasons. Nothing exciting here!
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    Speraw retiring

    Fran needs to learn from John Beilein and find his own version of Luke Yaklich.
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    Billy Taylor leaving

    Fran needs to learn from John Beilein and find his own version of Luke Yaklich.
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    Are you rooting for the Clones

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    Wisconsin Prediction

    Always an uphill battle at the Trohl Center.
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    Howe: Taking A Crack at Iowa's '22 Spring Two-Deep

    It should be pretty easy to forecast two-deeps for Iowa. Just remove the graduating players and slide everyone up a slot.
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    Officiating Crew Saturday

    His buffoonery could be the key to an Iowa victory!
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    Has Dolph issued a statement in the Young Dolph assassination?

    It kind of feels like you're making light of the murder of a young Black man. Not a great look, for you.
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    transfer portal news No idea if there's any kind of interest, if he's already a done deal to go elsewhere, or what. But would seem to be a great fit.