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    Nice Win for Clones

    Your insecurities are very tiresome. Give it rest.
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    ESPN on why Iowa keeps failing in NCAAs

    Lot of truth in that article.
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    Well, it is practically Franuary...again and that must be mean we are here at Gobler's Knob

    That was a Quad 2 loss tonight as well. That will haunt you for sure.
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    Purdue @ Iowa Official Game thread

    That’s my go to saying!!
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    Hey kids we are going to the circus tonight...I mean Hilton, the official Iowa vs Cyclowns Game thread

    You forgot the always popular “the refs are killing us”.
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    Hawkeyes beat Clowns again game thread

    Please give us a final score!
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    Hawks favored by 10 at Northwestern

    It will be a snooze playing NW. Easy victory!!
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    This just in..

    Apparently you never look at a Iowa post game blog site!
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    Iowa Commit Checks out K-State, Looking Forward to Iowa Visit

    Correct.....per KF policy he's will get pulled like he's done to others. Real bad look if he doesn't.
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    Iowa at Maryland at 12:00 on BTN

    What was the final score??
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    Hawkeyes on espn2 at 1:00

    Let me get this out of the way before the game starts. The refs are terrible! Carry on.
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    Blizzard Day Victory thread!

    You forgot to report that they got beat again by OSU 92-87.
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    Crush the Bucknuts turn them into dirty snowballs Game Thread...

    You are spot on! Once the season is over with there will be a several players leaving after witnessing nepotism first hand.
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    MSU at IOWA, pre-game thoughts

    Leaves need raking so I got that going for me over this pillow fight of a game.