Xavier Nwankpa Has Hawkyes in Top 3

FWIW...a Midwest recruiting analyst and a national recruiting analyst for Rivals (Clint Cosgrove and Adam Friedman) have both put in Futurecasts for X to Iowa this morning.
I believe we are visiting him last and he's came to Iowa city the most (obviously easier for him to have done) I like our chances but nothing would surprise me. NDs new coach was their DC who he was probably being recruited by the most by them so I wouldn't rule them out even with all the Kelly drama. And OSU is still OSU. He seems pretty chummy with some other recruits of theirs on twitter.

Here's to hoping he chooses us and he brings his monster Oline teammate Proctor with him the next yr.
Just had a text from my buddy who is a huge OSU fan. He was saying that everything is pointing to Nwankpa staying home. Said Iowa is getting a good one. So hopefully that turns out to be right.
I thought I read yesterday that OSU just offered another safety. Can't remember who or find the article primarily because I'm too lazy, but that possibly be a good thing for us. We'll see in a few minutes.

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