Who Would You Rather Call An Iowa Game?

Who Would You Rather Call An Iowa Game?

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Both have a very unique nasally voice and can be hard to listen to. So, I pulled a Josh Brown and decided to do a poll. Thank you.
I'm surprised matt millen wasn't an option. They're all better than Petros Papadakis of Fox Sports. You think mowins has a nasally voice, go listen to that guy for two minutes.
Some of you on this board have an unhealthy hatred of Beth Mowins.

I've stated many times that I'd hit...............!
I don't hate her though it seems Iowa has ho hum games when she calls them . And yeah ....Me too! Boink!
How about any decent play by play person and Gary Danielson. Gary was great on ESPN and now on CBS for years and he can make a game better to listen to.
Don't know who that Chris person is and couldn't find anything with internet search. Beth is hard to listen to and says dumb stuff quite a bit. How about bringing Spielman back to the college ranks.

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