Who stays and who goes

Tons of guys every year graduate and continue to play. It happens all the time when guys redshirt their freshman year.

I'm gonna give everyone some advice here. If your kid is good enough to start for a P5 team but clearly not going pro and he graduates with a year or two of eligibility left, try to get him to grad transfer into Northwestern, Michigan, Standford or Duke. If he can mash out a year of credits toward an MBA you will have made him ball park an extra 3-5 million dollars over the course of his working life.
There were never 3 yards available when you saw him try to find a crease. I agree with you that it is not surprising that he declared for the NFL, even though it’s a long shot. Glad he did not go to the portal, since that would be a slap in the face.
Correct, many times, most times, on these TFLoss Goodson or another runner would see 3-4 opponent jerseys in the backfield with nowhere to go. But dancing and taking a step back to lose another 1-2 yards was worse than even just going forward to only lose 1 yard total.

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