Wadley article


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Because I live in his stomping grounds, I’ve met him more than a handful of times, met his sister as well. Absolute top notch family. Played football against he and Vanden Bosch. I also coach in the same conference as West Lyon now and I know a lot of his former classmates and teammates who coach or have kids in sports. Woods is a total frickin stand up guy and family man through and through. He embodies Iowa football. I have never heard a single bad word about him from anyone and his players universally love him.

He will be an elite P5 head coach some day. That’s not debatable whatsoever. If Iowa chooses not to continue his career path as a Hawkeye someone else will be glad to do so. Failure to retain him will be the final nail in the coffin of the Hayden Fry culture. There is literally no one available now or in the next 10 years who would be able to continue it. Unfortunately, I think Kirk is blinded by the dull glow of his son and can’t see the shining star in the room.
Honestly I disagree with 70% of your takes (it's a fan forum, that doesn't say anything about you or me other than we have too much time on your hands) but I couldn't agree more on this take. LaVar should be named coach-in-waiting.