Villanova game thread

If we could get some stops we'd be fine. Even with the missed layups we're shooting well. I'm tired of teams going off on us with jumpers.
How were we ever really good this year?

teams were still 'jelling' in Jan. Iowa was set.

Iowa got over 50% of pts off of turnovers & runouts - now everyone just runs back on defense and gets set, and teams don't turn it over as much as the season goes on
Bad decisions by a senior. At least he is shooting it when he picks up his dribble.

Now if Woody could actually make anything from 3 feet in.

Oh and you can't defend the 3s they are hitting.

Why is it when teams play Iowa all the garbage shots go in?

I have a theory that because we try to play with such tempo it gives other teams the opportunity to get into rhythm and hit shots they normally miss.
Bascially Iowa missing bunnies, and Nova making about everything they put up. That is the story of the game so far.
Where is Uthoff? He completely disappears at times. The softest 20 ppg scorer I have seen.

Is he really gonna play in the NBA?
Basically if we make our 4, or is it 5 now, missed layups, we're right in it. Better start making shots or it's gonna get away from us real quick.

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