Transfer Portal Version 2023


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So, we going after anyone? Anyone you would like to see us go after? Thoughts on possibilities? This may be a wish list type of thread..........
Oregon freshman Kel'el Ware, a former top-10 recruit, plans to enter the transfer portal per espn, highly touted initially, had a few moments, could be our development program would entice him. He is from Ark, ended up in Oregon, so its not like he is married to one geographic area.....
I like the two suggestions- athletic bigs that would benefit from our history with developing post players. Anyone who doesn't think that Nunge's success wasn't due in a large part of his tenure at Iowa just isn't paying attention to the positives of our basketball program.
The success of teams this year in the tourney is mostly because of the portal. That's got to wake up coaches who have been sitting on their hands, and especially the donors who want to put their money where it's going to do the most good. NIL is pushing portal moves more than playing time. Iowa has to be a player. If your doing it right their doesn't have to be a "down year".
I love how Edey immediately shut down Dan Jockitch. That guy has got to be the biggest clown in sports media.

Before reporting the rumor, how about giving it some thought. If he wanted to leave Purdue he would go pro. Why would he leave a program known for developing giants that was ranked #1 for most of the year and has talent coming back? Because they lost in the first round? I guess he can transfer to GuarantyToNotLoseInTheFirstRound University....

Anybody want Hunter Dickinson?