Total BS

This guy Simmons sounds like a total conspiracy theorist that is moaning about the Hawks for what seem like political reasons, aka the claim that TFG made about CC and the Super Bowl and Taylor Swift. And it seems that she and Kelce are no longer, I am sure there will be a song about celebrity breakups pretty soon.
The dude is a complete tool. Pretty much everyone at the Buffalo Wild Wings monday night had an opposite reaction. And it wasn’t just all the beers we had. In fact , i kinda felt that the calls were commensurate with the action when CC had blood flowing down her leg.
She HAS been very fortunate to stay relatively injury-free for 4 years.
Her first couple years defenses didn't really focus on being physical with her, and even last year I was pretty surprised at how little she got beat up when she drove the lane. Finally, at the end of last year a few teams decided to let her feel it when she drove for layups, and she's taken some shots the past few weeks.
But that's nothing compared to what she'll experience in the WNBA. The first time she tries to drive the lane in the League a big ol' Center is gonna knock her block off in a way she'll never forget. I think her scoring will drop off significantly when she moves to the WNBA because so many of her points are off FTs, and she's simply not gonna be driving and getting fouled nearly as often. Her body won't be able to take it. That said, I think her vision and passing ability will translate really nicely to the next level.

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