Told ya So

I don’t blame Fran and I’m not in the fire Fran crowd, but losses like this piss me off to no end. I’m tired of live by the 3 die by 3. I don’t even mind shooting a high number of threes, but the the shot selection absolutely ruins us. It lead to the run they made and lead to the hopes any sort of comeback slipping through our fingers when we have a two possession game with an ample amount of time and we just chuck a contested three early in the shot clock.

It’s a lack of discipline that’s going to continue to prevent this group from making it out of the first weekend. I thought we looked good today attacking the rim despite Broome wreaking havoc on us in the paint. It just seemed to me that Auburn remains Ned composed when it mattered and we didn’t.
There is a lot of overreacting going on in this thread. Yeah, the Hawks blew the opportunity at a double bye in the B1G tournament, but they still have to play and see where they land in the Dance. I’ll be cheering for them and yelling at my TV, too.

7 seed, 8 seed, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just let the chips fall where they may. We all can’t be any more disappointed than we all were the last two years against Oregon or Richmond.

It won’t shock me if the Hawks reach the Sweet Sixteen or lose in the first round…and that’s not apathy, that’s being realistic.
Welp. This didn’t age well
If Fran had the exact resume with one sweet 16 appearance, there would be nothing to complain about at all. Of course they all still would. Honestly his conference record the last 5 years has to be close to the best 5 year run ever at Iowa. His Big 10 tournament record was bad. But that was mostly because his 3 good teams with Woody all went 1 and done. But since then, that record has been good too. You can't even complain about his round of 64 record because that's pretty good too. Literally the only thing he hasn't done good with in getting to the sweet 16. In my opinion that's an Iowa curse that was along well before Fran showed up.
Umm..86-93 would like to have a word with you. The 86-87 season, no one has come remotely close to. That was one hell of a team & season that was damn good a year later. Tom showed right away he wasn’t going to be in the same recruiting realm as Rav, but danced 6/7 years with a terrific record. Unmatched by fran. And fran has never & will never have teams anywhere near tom’s first two
This tournament record is far from what you would expect from a coach that has remained at one team for 13 years. Sure there are highlights and great things next to Frans name. But he has had plenty of opportunity to learn how to coach better in NCAA tournament, so yet he under performs over and over in the NCAA tournament.
Tom Davis was let go for so much less.
Yeah he pretty much was. That started the dominos to a pretty regrettable era of hoops too... I often wonder what if prior to that last yr under Davis had he been extended a couple more yrs with maybe a succession plan of someone to take over after him how things could have gone.

There's been two major dominos to me in Iowa basketball that had these two things happened differently Iowa could be in a way different situation. 1. Raef Lafrentz had he came to Iowa that woulda changed damn near everything for Iowa and Kansas. We woulda went on to get Collison and Heinrich later on and who knows who all else. And then of course what happened to Chris Street. Had he came back and had a dominant healthy senior yr that would have been huge for the program he was that damn good too...