The official Muck Michigan Go Iowa for the Big Ten Title Game thread


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Oh well. Was a good season. Frankly, it's amazing Iowa got this far with this blocking.

I think the jury is in on our new OLine coach.


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Everything rolling for Michigan now. Their not even bringing the house and getting pressure cause our tackles can’t hold a block 3 seconds.


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texas a&m or kentucky in the citrus. It may take a minute, but I guess I can get excited about that


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This is high school shit. Weak side blitz coming. You have a tight end running a seam route on that side. THROW AT THE BLITZ. I mean this is basic football.


I think the jury is in on our new OLine coach.
Nope. It’s recruiting failure. No coach could make a Big Ten OL with these kids. Other than Linderbaum none of these dudes should be playing P5 ball. They might develop into that role, but not right now.

The only senior OLineman on the entire roster is a 5’10” former walk-on. That’s a horrible recruiting failure, and it’s not the fault of a brand new coach.

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