The official Iowa vs Nebraska game thread


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I'm not surprised they overturned the call. The ball squirted out and it wasn't the defender that caused it. Anyway, the receiver was wide open so a halfway decent pass would have been an easy TD. Instead, the pass was terrible so they got zip out of the drive :( .


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It is funny how a player gets a tippy toe in has the ball knocked free and it’s a TD, but a guy has the ball, is down and it squirts free when a defender is swiping at it and it’s incomplete, it’s a weird game.


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The Dee front 7 really got off the blocks quicker that series, on that 2nd down pass to the sideline even the DTackles were over there for the tackle


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Did you think that 4th down pass was a little behind Laporta. yes he should have caught it and he did at first but it would be nice for Padilla to put that pass just in front of the direction the receiver is running.
The worse crime was the back shoulder throw when he was wide open and running on the first pass to LaPorta. That should have been a td.

But the offense looked good that first series. Hope they keep it up, and don't let the td overturn ruin their progress.