The official Iowa slaughters Penn St so bad if Joe Pa coached basketball he would feel it from his grave game thread.

Yeah they did. You take the W and run they all can’t be pretty
Yes there are no style points deducted for ugly wins.

And there is no partial credit for pretty losses.

This is not figure skating. There is no East German judge involved.

Bo Ryan won a plethora of these types of games. And its the reason he always finished in the top four, played into the weekend in the BTT, and had numerous deep NCAA runs.
Where we gunna be ranked? I'm thinking 7th or 8th. We might jump Villanova even tho they didn't lose.
Penn State has played everyone tough. It's athletic defense where you just have to work to get any space. They had OSU down nine in the second half...that should tell you all you need to know. They play aggressive on ball defense and have several guys that are streaky three point shooters.

Honestly...i thought this game was going to be exactly as it was. I watched them give Ohio State fits. There was no drop off in athleticism on the perimeter in that game...OSU won in the paint.
It just felt like we were out hustled, out coached, and out executed.

Our experienced upperclassmen made enough plays down the stretch.

Wins like this separate the men from the boys.
Being out hustled happens more times than not when a top ranked team plays a bottom feeder in hoops. It doesn't make it any less frustrating to watch tho.

It is funny tho how a couple made or missed shots late make all the difference in the world. Indiana and Minnesota made those shots so we sucked and got out toughed. Penn State didn't so our upperclassmen came through.
I have to say that Penn State is better than their record indicates, they’ve had some very close losses to some really good teams including Michigan. Thank goodness they went cold shooting in the 2nd half. They might be a tough out in the BTT.
Kind of a frustrating game. If it wasn't for Iowa out rebounding them in the 2nd half and PSU cooling off shooting wise we coulda been in trouble. We turned it over way too much for us and missed too many FTs. JW was playing pretty recklessly out there at times. Shoulda won that going away but glad they didn't lose. All the emotion of what was going on with Luka may have had a part to do with it. Just glad they won it and can focus on the big picture now. It's time to get hot these next 5 games or so will separate the men from the boys
Last weeks road schedule called and said, don't forget about blow out wins at WI and MSU literally the 2 previous games.
Yeah. And a few more free throws and we would have beaten up on PSU as well. Our veteran team,the starters, took over the game in the end.

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