The Official Early Judgement Day: Iowa's latest attempt at a Sweet 16 run goes through Pearl or is once again in Peril, Auburn vs Iowa Game Thread

not for nothing but the “ the other team just got lucky breaks or we just didn’t have a good shooting night” crap is getting old. Just getting to the tourny isnt a big accomplishment. We as fans should be expecting more.

A chance to clinch a 2 seed in the BIG Ten tourny and Iowa craps the bed against a crap Nebraska team. Win a few games in the BIG Ten tourny with a chance for a higher seed in the NCAA tourny, Again Iowa craps down its leg. Win a game or 2 in the tourny when most folks didn’t think they belonged in the tourny in the first place. Iowa does Iowa things and dumps all over the place against a bad Auburn team

Look at what Iowa is losing, has coming in and the lack for game changing transfers Fran tries to get. Next season looks really bad

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