The Kentucky Fried....Iowa on offense don't play like a chicken official Citrus Bowl Game thread

It is a damn shame how well Iowa was running the ball in the 2nd half. But horrible playcalling in short yardage situations to end the 2nd to last drive.
Conservative play loses bowl games. Always, from punting on the fourth down to rushing 4 lineman, it’s all the same.
Iowa covered Wan'Dale Robinson like they covered David Bell. Not much at all.

Petras missed several receivers today. How he was in the entire game is mind blowing.

Any QB can hand the ball to a RB, but if I'm Padilla, I announce immediately after the game I'm transferring.

The bend but don't break mentality works when winning the turnover battle.

The worst 10 win team in college football is Iowa and it's not very close.
Played a Good Game

Remarkable season

Where were the 3 turnovers

Very good game

Nothing to be ashamed of at all

This one is on Kirk, not calling a timeout there

Kentucky is a solid team

Finishing 10-3 in the SEC is not that easy to do

Bent and Broke

One play decided the game

Petras dropping the ball on 4th down and Kirk wasting a timeout trying to draw them offsides (which NEVER) works—especially since a DOG penalty would given Tory better room to kick—were the most moronic plays of that game. Those two things don’t happen we have a chance and Petras doesn’t have to hurry up and throw that pick at the end.

We got outcoached and our QB isn’t very good. You don’t win ballgames like that.
Penn State is a fake and that’s Iowa’s premier win for the season.

Big looking to go 5-5 in bowl season and of course 0-3 in the bigger bowl games………. If Utah wins.

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