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IMO Texas will not change conferences now or in the future. They are all about POWER and MONEY. If they go to the Pac 10 they will not be top dog, they would be playing 2nd fiddle to USC. If they go to the SEC They wouldn't even be 2nd fiddle, with LSU, Alabama, and Florida in the conference. The Big 10 is not a fit for them either. They would still be 2nd fiddle. The Big 10 will not let them be a bully and they'll have to take an equal share of money. They will stay in their new modified SWC, where they can bully every college, force every one to give them more money. If a couple of northern team leave, they don't care. They will just pull in a TCU or a Houston to replace them. Then they can start a cable Texas Sports Network. They would take a major share of the money and spread the rest to every one else. It's all about POWER and MONEY.

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