Sweetest Iowa Autograph You Have?

My dad has a copy of a book recapping the 1980 Rose Bowl season signed by Hayden Fry.

My young son got Tim Dwight's autograph on a t-shirt last week.

My favorite is Dan Gable signing my ticket stub from the 1997 Nat'l Championships in UNI-Dome, where the Hawks rolled up 22 or 23 match victories in a row and blasted Okie State out of the building.
Not the sweetest Iowa one I own, but maybe the coolest I have is Jeff Horner and Greg Brunner signed on the back of Nick Adenhart's picture/autograph. Both Jeff and Greg were at the Kernals game when Nick was signing pictures. RIP Nick.
I have a football signed by Fry and Ferentz, but my best is a business card signed by Nile Kinnick and Eddie Anderson.
Greg Brunner, Doug Thomas, Eric Hansen, Jeff Horner (on a poster and on and Iowa ball cap), Hayden Fry (at the state track meet back in '82 when I was watching my brother compete, and the Capt'n over in Mason City at an I-Club deal)...