Story: A New Era on Horizon for Hawkeye Basketball

There are some big post players in the Big 10 so it might be nice to have another big body to put around the basket.

It is interesting and a lot of these mid-majors are upsetting teams without having the big guy but instead like Oregon a lot of speed quickness and just good players
It's been said in different ways all year: athleticism will triumph over "shooters" until doomsday. Hopefully, we are losing our shooters and becoming more athletic. This will translate into better speed and much better defense. The players that are both "shooters and athletic are the "1 and done" guys who go to Duke, N. Car, Mich St. etc.... Yeah, those teams all had rough years this year, but the general rule stands.
I am getting a big chuckle out of the “bigs” discussion. Some of the same geniuses who say we need bigs brag about Oregon and their domination of Iowa with no bigs. Good grief.

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