Steelers stay in locker room during Anthem

I'm not one to go political or disrespect any veteran's by any means and I truly hope not to and mean absolutely no offense whatsoever.

The president is the figurehead of this nation. The flag and the national anthem is a symbol of our country. Therefore if an organization or group of individuals want to protest or reach out to make a political statement, it creates an ideal setting and opportunity for political expression.

This platform was magnified when the President took shots at not only the NFL, but the NBA recently when there were far more important things that warranted his focus. And whether intended or not as a result it has blown up even bigger. I was impartial to the protest, but also view sports as an area of entertainment and do not have an issue with athletes using it as a podium. With that said, I want to see the government view these actions as something driven by the people that we can better use to unify us as a whole rather than something that will further divide us.

With the anthem being such a hot topic at this time I ask this... Do we need a national anthem before every live sporting event? We could still honor those that serve somehow, but I simply do not see it as necessary at sporting events. I'm not opposed to it in contests in which two nations are competing as a matter of pride.

Not at all an attempt to be disrespectful as realize the flag and the anthem stand for our freedom, but I also don't think everything needs to be about politics either.
Trump is just giving his opinion on the matter, which he has the right to do due to the sacrifices of people before him. Since he's the POTUS he should probably not give his opinion in such a childish manner tho.

I agree with this 100%. I won't go into political opinion, but he does a fantastic job of letting his mouth and behavior add fuel to the fire. Rather than using his position to bring people closer together.
Two things.

1. No president should tell a private company that they should discipline their employees.
2. No Veteran should ever feel the need to apologize for standing for the National Anthem.
Two things.

1. No president should tell a private company that they should discipline their employees.
2. No Veteran should ever feel the need to apologize for standing for the National Anthem.

I think it's fine to say they "should" fire them. What would be wrong is if he started demanding it. Saying they should do it is just voicing an opinion.
For the record I don't feel one bit sorry for the NFL. Their blasé attitude over the past decade with regards to concussions has been really sickening.

That being said, they are completely stuck between a rock and a hard place here. If they try to force their athletes to stand and salute the flag they will be viewed as "suppressing minorities". If they let the athletes kneel they are "insulting the troops". No matter what they are going to piss off a large chunk of their fans. Its a no-win situation for them.

I disagree, this has never been an "insulting the troops" thing. Never.
I want sports to be my haven away from stupid political crap. I used to enjoy politics, but no more. Now it's just nasty insults being hurled back and forth, and ain't nobody got time for dat.

Hey, NFL and ESPN. Stop injecting politics in sports. Until then, I'm done watching NFL football.

You are going to miss an nfl game with your fave team just because some players and coaches and OWNERS are locking arms or kneeling?

I see some fans are burning their tickets and people are calling them out for not giving the tickets to poor fans who never go to games. Oh but many poor fans are not white so cant give the tickets to them.
But in the year over year ratings, Week 3 Sunday was down over 4% from last year. Fox's national game and NBC's Sunday night game were down 16% and 11%, respectively...with CBS' games down about 1%. Who knows what that's from....could be just that the NFL games suck these days (which they do)....but I don't think there's any denying that viewership is down....and attendance is absolutely down big time....

The thing I hate most about the nfl the last 5-10 years is the yellow flags coming out on about 50% of the plays.

No flow to a game, are these players just trying to cheat to win and hope they dont get caught.

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