So Does The Bandwagon get Going

Right, wrong or indifferent, Fran got tossed on purpose.
Yup. I think all but a couple times he has it's been intentional. I think that's where he has a lot of people fooled. He's not totally unhinged. He's calculated with when he does that. He likes to make it seem like he is but he's not.
Nope. Not happy with 500 records. I have made myself clear that the football staff needs desperately to implement changes in the O. I was happy to see Brian leave, we need good QB play, as well as receivers. That is ultimately KF’s responsibility.
Fran has kept Iowa in the top 4 or 5 in a brutal conference. His teams are fun to watch. I have complained along with everyone else that our D and even more so, rebounding are glaring weaknesses. I had a season ticket through Alford and Lackluster. Yuk. Perspective from experience is a good teacher.
The posters I argue with are those who have only one thing to say: Fire the coaches. If you think it is that simple, you need to grow up.
KF will retire here pretty much on his terms . I am good with that, but his legacy needs badly to improve the O.
If Fran leaves, it will likely be of his own accord. Good luck with that hire. His players love him, he cares about them, and he has had some damn good ones.
Me, attack? No, just blunt to save time. Yawn? That is my ongoing response to those who are black and white in their views and masters of hyperbole.
Did you ever have an uncle who would sneak up behind you and flip/snap your ear? You would rather kick him in the shin than look at him? Some people just like to twist others grapes to get a reaction. By the way, grow up? It's a good bet I'm older than you and probably by a lot. Kirk does not deserve to be fired. He has left Phil and Levar alone to do their thing. His hands are all over the offense and he needs to step away and let a quality OC fix this thing.