Season win update...


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Based on what we have seen thus far and looking at the remaining schedule, I don't see six wins for Iowa. I have always been an optimist concerning the Hawkeyes but the Realism for this year has taken over. I see possible wins against Purdue and Illinois. I said Possible and not sure things. By the time Nebraska comes to town I see a Golden opportunity for Iowa Football fans who have long dreamed of getting tickets to a game at Kinnick to make those dreams come true. 5-7 for this season.
I agree, when I looked this afternoon I came to the conclusion that we would beat Purdue and Illinois and go 5-7...

Although thinking some more, I do believe we'll win one other game, not sure which one, but that gets us to 6-6 and a horrid bowl game. Probably lose that and finish 6-7.