Sandfort Huge Miss.... Now?

Come on Fry. You don't have to wait until the end of the season to eat your plate of crow. Sanford is not going to crawl back into the poop tank the rest of this year. He is playing with confidence and is literally helping the team close out and win games. "Recruiting misses" as you put it are guys like Josh O. and Mulvey. Guys who barely get any minutes and never find a meaningful role on the team before they transfer. Guys that are taking up scholarships, but not helping their team win. Sanford aint that. He aint that at all. He may have some bad games here and there, but his presence on the floor is mostly going to be positive for Iowa. I am starting to get excited to see his brother next year.

Caw caw caw
Anyone notice Connor's pass on Sandfort's go ahead 3? It was ridiculous. Fast as hell bounce pass right in the shooting window. A pass like that at the end of the MSU game probably ends with the same results.
That possession was the play of the game I thought. Took a hustle play from Murray. To get it then swung it around the horn. The guys had perfect spacing and had em scrambling. Put em up 3 with 1:30 to go and kinda put us in the drivers seat.

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