Rampant Conference Reallignment Talk


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It's funny how the Big Ten makes one little 2-paragraph statement about exploring the idea of expansion over the next 18 months and suddenly all of division I is buzzing with realignment talk, ideas, plans, suggestions. It just reaffirms that our conference's place is at the head of the table of college sports.
needed an existing thread to share this news about Clemson. They expect to exit ACC

Interesting the BIG TEN is still an option after we just reached 18. Obviously you'd have to pickup another along the way, but does that mean we'd actively be looking in the backyard of the SEC to do so? Or would we be looking at adding a UNC or BC or possibly a ND (which I hope wouldn't be considered) to round things out?

Me being me I don't think we need to move forward immediately with additional teams, but think the conference would do so under the right circumstances.

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