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With all the problems in football recently I have been brainstorming ideas to fix the problems. Since the NFL is dead to me I would like to lend my ideas to helping start something new.

The first problem for football at all levels is that the owners, presidents, commissioners etc, are giving into the covid-1984 fear mongering, and making it difficult to play or watch football. In my league players, staff, and fans will make the decisions for themselves if they will participate. That is what a free society is all about. No one in my league will be forcing "social distancing", mask wearing, intrusive and inaccurate virus testing, etc etc. Players will go play, staff will go work, and fans will go watch as they see fit. FREEDOM!

The second problem is people that want to bring their radical political protests onto the football field. In my league players will go to play football, not to protest while they are doing their job. All of that stuff can be done off the field on their own time.

In addition to that, none of the concerts and other most of the other non football hoopla can be done away with. A marching band and a cheer leading squad are all we need for additional entertainment at a football game.

The extravagant stadiums and giant video boards that are paid for at taxpayer expense can be done without too. Simple bleachers are all we need. Think of large high school stadiums or old college stadiums. These stadiums will be full and rowdy. They will definitely not be limited to 25% capacity or whatever they are trying in the NFL either!

I would really like to see this happen. I would fully support a team from Iowa joining this league.
Requiring mask

"That's an infringement on my rights!"

Requiring to stand during national anthem. - "You must worship our flag or be arrested"

How can you not see these are not two conflicting senitments? Supporting both just doesn't make sense.
There would be only willing parties involved with this league, I'll call it the PAFL (Pure American Football League). It would be for players and fans that are tired of what is going on in the NFL, so they will opt for a traditional pro American alternative.

I could see the PAFL going on in parallel to the NFL. The NFL would continue to be more based around big cities, urban populations, and the cultures involved with that. Whereas the PAFL would be more based around smaller markets, where more of the population is tired of the NFL.

I am thinking that Da Coach Mike Ditka would make a great first commissioner. Many of the players would be from small towns, be ex-military, and the like. Often times those players get left behind due to the combine numbers, but they are still good football players. I look forward to Iowa having a professional team!
With all the nonsense going on in every professional sport these days, I think that more sports could use a league like this.
With all the nonsense going on in every professional sport these days, I think that more sports could use a league like this.

There has never been a better time to create new leagues across the board, fox should get the tv rights and this would take off. I wish I had a few billion socked away, you would be able to take the whole pie from these garbage leagues. Been saying if Trump loses he should cobble together investors for a new NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, & Nascar

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