Proctor in Iowa City and a Hawkeye

Waiting for an announcement from Kade and one about who will be the new OC is a real boil maker.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.
Well, he definitely won't be hard to pick out in the crowd. Hopefully, losing by 25 won't impact his decision.... (I kid. I kid. Hopefully, we can pull off another Nebraska here).

Maybe we could have him play at forward today. Can you image the screens he could make? For Purdue players it would be like running into a brick wall.
Never would have guessed this.
And again....
My football conjecture was wrong.

I predict the Hawks are awful next year and don't even go to a good bowl game, let alone the playoffs.
Incredible News

Have a feeling he feels more comfortable out of the intense limelight
and perhaps the homegrown style and comradery at Iowa

He was a factor late in the season and was like a brick wall that the opponents
had to go around which, given his size, took a little while

Welcome Home, Kadyn

Its All GOOD
Iowa reached out while at Alabama. Tampering. NCAA will investigate. Iowa to vacate 5 of 10 wins. Fans report that its ok since they were so hard to watch anyway.