Plain and simple - Trump tried to overthrow the govt

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just like Hitler attempted to do in the mid 20s in Germany and ended up in prison writing Mein Kampf which Trump used over and over with his bullshit "fake news" which inside the book is LUGENPRESSE which Hitler pushed heavy which means "fake news" in German as all dictators like Hitler, Stalin and Trump love as they wanted a state controlled media message ...

To summarize Trump and Jan 6th:

Trump recruited the Proud Boys on 9/29, telling them to “stand by.”

Trump activated them on 12/19 by saying “come to DC on Jan. 6, will be wild.”

And we now know, the Proud Boys mobilized on 12/20, per Trump’s directive

Trump then deployed them on 1/6

A conspiracy in 3 easy steps via the Russian plant named Trump
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