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I am with @NorthKCHawk , I think Stanley is under-rated by most Iowa fans, and we would have been much better with him last year. He made plenty of big plays against Iowa State, Minnesota, and Nebraska, and last I checked, those were pretty big games.

Check out this recap of the 2019 ISU game for some excellent Stanley plays. He wasn't perfect, so if that is the bar, rip away. But there are a lot of winning plays made in that game.

And this is a highlight film, so of course it leaves out the bad plays. But you will see lots of good throws in games that mattered:

It is hard to get some of his bad misses out of your head (he cut way down on those his senior year). But on the whole, he was a really good QB for us.

IMO, of Iowa's 4 losses, the only game that NS would have made a difference in would be the bowl game against Kentucky. He wins that game. He isn't beating Purdue, Wisconsin or Michigan...if Clifford doesn't get hurt he isn't beating PSU either.
Stanley choked every big game in his career other than a fluke against OSU. He could beat the Indianas and Marylands of the league all day long, but any semi-big game he couldn't get it done.

vs. OSU 1-0
vs. Penn State 0-3
vs. Wisconsin 0-3
vs. Michigan 0-1
vs. Michigan State 0-1
Some interesting facts about Nate Stanley's stats you posed:

2019 Michigan 23-42 (54.8%) for 260 yards (second worst rating all season)
2019 Penn St. 25-43 (58.1%) for 286 yards (second most all season)
2019 Wisconsin 17-28 (60.7%) for 208 yards

2018 Wisconsin 14-23 (60.9%) for 256 yards (third best rating all season)
2018 Penn St. 18-49 (36.7%) for 205 yards (worst pct all season)

2017 Penn St. 13-22 (59.1%) for 191 yards
2017 Michigan St. 16-31 (51.6%) for 192 yards
2017 Ohio St. 20-31 (64.5%) for 226 yards (highest rating all season)
2017 Wisconsin 8-24 (33.3%) for 41 yards (worst rating all season) - this game was the week after the Ohio St. game

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