OSU Jake Stoneburner Suspended


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I don't know if any states put you on the registry for this. I'd say most do not. You're usually looking at incest, rape, sexual abuse, possession of child porn and things of that nature to land you there.
That is what I assumed as well. I just know sometimes people get included on those lists that shouldn't be there. For instance, the consensual relationship of a 17 and 18 year old. I saw a story about how a girls mom was so ****** off she called the police, had him put on the list to scare him, and she went to go take it off, and it was too late. He is forever scarred as a sex offender. If they're really going to charge kids with that stuff, put them in a different category.
The tackle that was suspended with him is projected as their starting left tackle.

I'm assuming they will be suspended the cupcake opener and that will be it. No real damage will be dealt to the team.
Ya, that makes the most sense. I don't think they would be suspended for any meaningful game either.
It's something like if you pee in public within 500 feet of children you can be put on the sex offenders list.
Some of us are unfortunate enough that only one hand is needed to cover entire genital area leaving one available to wipe.