ok You are Nebraska ...


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How do you defend the hawks today?

...I think I'd try to surprise Iowa with blitzes from unexpected places, try to get to the QB and knock the ball loses

How would you best attack on offense?

...do what ya normally know how to do but certainly take shots down the field
Yeah if I'm Neb I'm rushing no less then 5 guys every play. 6 on obvious passing downs. They have a good defense I think we'll struggle to move the ball on them more so then we have the last couple weeks. We'll know soon enough
Our offense stinks but when we do good things it seems to be us executing regardless of what the D does.
If I'm Nebraska, I write my congressmen to try to get the Constitution changed so Obama can serve as president again. He was president the last time they went to a bowl game, so it might give them a chance.

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