!*****Official 'The Indomitable B1G West Showdown' Game Thread*****!


  • Iowa by 1 or 2 points

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  • Wisky by 1 or 2 points

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  • Wisky by 3 points

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  • Wisky by 11-21 points

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  • Wisky by 22+ points

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That was a dumb call on fourth down. Iowa should have come out in the spread offense which would have opened the line of scrimmage and given Stanley the option to run the ball or toss for a TD.

I am not happy to see how well they are moving the ball on the ground against us. If this keeps up we will be gassed by the end of the third quarter.

I did like how we took the ball right down th field on them. I don’t blame Iowa going for it on fourth down but they just called the wrong play. Would have been a perfect time to fake the handoff and throw to the tight end.
Dline depth. Im not concerned
I hate to say it but if I had to guess I’d say they start busting huge runs in the 4th against our gases D. We need to score points.
Not if we have drives like our first one AND come away with points.
Not liking the push Wisky is getting.
Welp pack it in. Wisky will get pounded by PSU or OSU in the title game.


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