Official other NCAA Tourney Games Thread (2nd Round)


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Kansas lost to Arkansas.


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Thank the Lord that the Hawks lost

We would have looked like team of circus midgets against Houston

We represent the one and done kids, the one done kids, the one and done kids, and in the name of the one and done kids.......we welcome you to another Fran Fade.

There is no place like home to shoot the ball.

Conner in the Red
Patrick in the Green
Jack in the Blue
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The Big Pig in the middle for Auburn was the worst I have seen so far

The zebras were certainly a factor in the Auburn game

The worst officiating I have ever seen in the first half

Don't know if it was a national zebra policy against Fran, or just radical homerism

The way things were being called drastically affects the team making them a bit apprehensive,

And making them think a split second before acting

Just mere idle speculation

Nothing else

They let both sides play. It was oft 1 on 3 or 2 on 4 in the middle with support help.

They bodied up and took away leg movement. Murray and Flip were pushed off balance legit.

The bigger issue is they dared certain Iowa players to shoot and they knew where Sandfort was at all times.

Bad coaching not on zebras.

Auburn played old style big ten.

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