Official 2022 Cubs Baseball Thread


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I've been away from this board for awhile and was surprised, upon returning, that no one even started this thread. I realize the Cubs are in another transition, but surely there is some interest in the team. Or maybe not. I no longer get the Marquee Channels so I rarely get to see my beloved Cubs, so I have to follow on my phone or just accept that my new favorite team is anyone playing the White Sox, which is a team I am able to watch every day.
Go cubs go! Follow the team at Myrtle Beach. They have some future studs there. Last years trades will pay off and we weren’t winning with the guys traded the last couple of years. Two thoughts though: if you are going to a youth movement bring guys up and quit wasting at bats with guys with no long term future or clearly past their prime; and two, spend some real money next year -they have it. They gotta get one of the three big SSs available. Go cubs go!!
Wow, the silence on this board is incredible. The Cubs, and thus this board, have always had a following, whether they be horrible, as in this year, or decent as they were just a few years ago. Either Cub fans have abandoned them (hard to believe), or perhaps baseball in general, which I guess is a possibility. Or perhaps this forum just doesn't attract the number of posters it used to.
Glad to see Velasquez getting at bats!! Wish they would keep contreras and trade happ and closer for more prospects. Trade wisdom too if can. Go cubs go !
Well, the trading deadline has come and gone and Happ and Contreras are both still Cubs and both of them seem happy about that fact. Now if we can just stop trading talent for beans and start accumulating players we may eventually be able to catch up to the Brewers and Cardinals, but it will take a small miracle. Hey Ricketts! I thought you loved the Cubs and were going to give the fans great teams forever. You guys have the cash, time to start spending it again. Enough of this constant rebuilding. I'm getting too old to go through too many more of these.
Big "Field of Dreams" game tonight. Great opportunity to show the country just how badly the Cubs have been allowed to regress since the glory days of a few year ago. Hope the Ricketts appear to take a bow.
South Bend is coming to Cedar Rapids in a couple of weeks, after Labor Day weekend. It's the same weekend as the Cyclone game. I sold my tickets to the Cyclone game and plan on finding a place in CR to watch the game and then head to Vets.

Anyone know of a decent Bar & Grill relatively close to Vets to watch the game? I'm looking for big ass TVs, bar food, cold beer, but can still take a 17 year old too.
Cubs made some great trades last year and half and there is some real talent in minors. Canario mash mervis and Killian May all be in Chicago next year. Pitcher traded for from yanks Wesneski pitched another good game for Cubs. PCA cf No one prospect traded for from Mets is a stud!!! Don’t trade these guys Cubs! 2025!! No more Cease Jimenez for Quintana stupid trades !! Keep your best prospects Go Cubs!

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