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From a normally "in the know" poster:

Evans back at '65

Kelly back to '49 w competition coming from Carew if healthy and Grothus.

Gilman beating on Clark in the room.

Gambrall to '74 is in the works.

Getting an upper weight addition to the room soon from Germany. Stay tuned.

Nothing ground-breaking. If Grant's serious about 174, I'm assuming he and Lofthouse just swap spots. Lofthouse would be a smaller 184 pounder, but that didn't seem to hurt Keddy.


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Who is the German??

We are curious as well WT.
With a 100 years of wrestling under our belts dominance will continue.
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will be getting a nice upper weight addition to the HWC too...can't give out the name yet will soon.


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From what I have heard the German will be around the 197 range sorry not a Hwt.

Thanks for the info Tobini. I'm anxious to hear who the German is and if he's talented and experienced enough to step in right away at 197 and allow Burak to redshirt this year.


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The German is supposed to be 149/157.

Byron Tate who was a 197 is rumored to be coming into the Club (only alumni in the club can attend regular practice from what I understand, Tate could still work out with anyone at other times should he come in.

Dan Ereckson has been rumored to be coming back to the team per some discussion someone had with his Dad.

After being at the OTC last year Burak is not in dire need of a redshirt.

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