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Perused some summer league rosters and came up with the following. No surprise that Kris Murray is on the Portland roster. A bit of a surprise that Keegan is on the Kings roster. Tyler Cook is on the Milwaukee Bucks roster. Luka Garza is not on the TWolves roster. Jack Nunge is on the Pistons roster.

Did not look at all the rosters but did not see Filip Rebaca on a roster. Seems like he's good enough to go to Vegas with somebody.
I did go in and peruse the rest of the rosters. Still didn't find Rebraca anywhere but I did find Joe Wieskamp on the Raptors roster.
Thanks for these updates. I had no idea Cook was with the Bucks or Nunge was on the Pistons. Look forward to watching some of those to see how they do.
They basically told Keegan he's too good for the league after his 41 pt. game. Kind of like a high school kid playing with 5th graders. First play of the first game a poster slam after going full court, than a 4 point play after being hacked. Follows it with 41 point game with like 6 3's. He is playing Fox one on one daily to improve his quickness. I'm going to make a prediction that he makes the All- Star team this year and his jump will be like his Fresh to Soph. year jump at Iowa. Excited to see it happen.
I watched the Bucks play the Suns and Tyler Cook seemed like a man among boys. He had 14 points I think and they have all been dunks. And, they were Tyler Cook dunks, monster ones where he's trhowing the rock down hard.

The announcers discussed how Cook could complement Giannis and Lopez on the boards and inside with his play. But I don't know, he's got the very same game he had at Iowa.

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