Lee, Woods, Murin, and yes Brands, through to the quarters. Sucks lost Kennedy to the backside. Hopefully can snag at least 2 of the last 3 of the night.
Add Cassioppi to the Quarters list for a total of 5. Sucks couldn't sneak Assad and Kennedy through, both lost tough down to the wire matches. PSU has 7 thru, they lost Dean and Facundo that was surprising.
Havent heard of anyone losing on the backside for the Hawks yet. Teske and Siebrecht did win.
PSU had one double loser today.
Could be a lot worse. The 149lb wrestler from ISU who guaranteed a National Championship and that he wouldn’t lose again.
Dude gets smoked in the 2nd round by a 12 seed. Loses his next match in consolations and gets eliminated from the tourny.