Minny looks tough

Minn recognized they had weaknesses on the OL. Brought in RG from Michigan and RT from Notre Dame via portal. Both starting.

Minn Portal

Novel concept.
Didnt Iowa bring in some guy from IU a season or two ago?

Heres to hoping Minny farts down their leg like they have for the past 4 decades.
Agree, he has it way made....MSU was dumb to give that much money to him when he really has not done that much there.
There's some in the media totally defending him and MSU over it yet trying to say he's great they'll be fine blah blah. I say revisit all this in 2 more yrs and let's see. He may be a good coach I just don't think it'll matter. If Michigan and PSU are back to recruiting well and playing well MSUs ceiling is what it is. Either way that contract has them married for awhile

Ole Pat Fitz though holy smokes. What if he had lost that game to Neb? As entrenched as he is there even his seat may be getting a little warm. I don't know much about their roster do they have a bunch of guys hurt? But if this season nose dives it makes one wonder about if they may go separate ways
I like to compare Fleck to Frost, since they were hired around the same time and each went undefeated at their respective schools to garner a better coaching gig.
Everyone knows about Frost. But Fleck has done really well with Minnesota. I do know the guy is motivated. Wish we could say the same.

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