Meniscus (knee) injury

Assuming you aren't a high schooler the only treatment is to trim it. I tore mine for the second time a couple years back and had it trimmed at 40 years old. I had it done on a Tuesday and was back to work the next week. I am a health care worker and am on my feet all day long. There was no physical therapy, either before or after. I am not 100% but I also had a large bone bruise that may or may not have healed. I was given the option if it does not heal and I am still bothered that I could try an experimental surgery where they drill out the bone bruise and fill it with stem cells. That would require 6 months on crutches. I'm not near that bad. I don't play basketball anymore (how I last hurt it) and I don't run (too fat, and I hate it anyhow, but I probably could in a straight line). I play disk golf for recreation/exercise now. Every now and again It'll catch and I'll have a bit of pain but it isn't too bad.
Dr advised that I do a cortizone treatment, which is what I did. I don't limp anymore. That's good. But I can still sense that is ti Fked up bad. Im an old guy
You gotta get a good ortho to scope it and try his best to clean it up. I completely thrashed my cartilage and meniscus in 2017 and had surgery that year. It didn't "get better" until I started doing the sled at the gym a few times a week. I did regular PT and it did nothing, but after about 2 months with the sled I felt like a new man. I was able to golf for the first time in 7 years a few weeks ago and it was amazing.

I have bone on bone and it sounds like shit, but since I did the sled and started really hammering legs at the gym (but I don't do squats over 135) it has gotten materially better. I don't want to harp on this, but in my humble opinion, the stuff in PT is marginally helpful but the sled is absolutely the only way to get the muscles around the impacted area to get stronger. You gotta push and pull it. Strain yourself with it once you get used to it and your whole body will get stronger.

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