Mandatory deconstruction of the loss


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Iowa has several drives that result in just 3. Imagine if they had just an average offense.

At the half, Iowa has given up 14 points. Imagine if they had an average offense

After it was 21-3 I knew it was over...imagine if Iowa had an average offense.

If Iowa had an average offense they would not be in desperation mode, turning the ball over late in the game and giving up TDs on short field with an overwhelming headwind of momentum.

If Iowa had an average offense, they'd probably go into this game undefeated.

Just think about all the great field position the Iowa offense has squandered that the D and special teams has given them.


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I guess I look at it this way:

We have one very good lineman, Linderbaum. He's a junior and he's likely gone after the bowl game to play on Sundays. Looking at the two deeps, his backup, Fagan, is also a junior but an inexperienced player. At guard, Schott is a senior; an undersized senior at that. His backup, Ince, is a junior. The other guard, Colby, is a freshman and his backup, Britt, is a sophomore. At tackle, Plumb is a junior; his backup, Richman, is a freshman. At the other tackle, DeJong is a sophomore; his backup Elsbury is a freshman.

Out of these 10 players, only Britt (so) and Elsbury (fr) are over 300 pounds. I believe only two will not be back next year: Linderbaum (to the NFL) and Schott (to graduation).

We have had some injuries in the line this year which has led to a LOT of inconsistencies. I think next year is going to see us with a better offensive line. Add to all this the fact that our offensive line coach was a late hire in March and they were fighting an uphill battle from the start.

Now, after all this, I believe everyone on this board will agree that Kirk's offensive strategy has ALWAYS required a quality and experienced offensive line. Look back at Iowa's best teams under Ferentz. They ALL have had quality offensive lines with multiple NFL draft picks among them.