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Dumbest response in a decade!
Coming from a 50 year old husker fan who calls himself a “national defense consultant” (didn't know ConAgra had those) and who’s into aikido, (aka bullshito), AND whose avatar is a fake military patch from Amazon representing a wannabe airsoft team that you’re not even a part of, I’ll take your judgement with a grain of salt, friendo.

You should have picked a better “martial art” to be an expert in, Capt. Mall Ninja. Please don’t get mad and send Seal Team 6 after me.

I’m sure Steven Seagal is proud of ya, though



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Iowa is last in the power 5 so far through 2 weeks of overall offense.

If our defense had not won both games and we were 0-2, this stat would be reason to give the other QB's some playing time.
If wishes were fishes...

If the defense hadn't scored all those points, then the offensive game plan would have probably been much different.


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He needs to try the even and leaving routes this week, and to throw a couple guys open. He'll need that the next few games.

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