Lucy Olsen Chooses Hawkeyes

On paper Lucy reads like she's about as good a replacement for CC as you could hope to get.

We can't expect her to play like CC. And, it could be really hard trying to replace a legend.

They don't have an experienced PG coming back although the cupboards not bare.

It will be fun to see how it plays out. Good Luck to Lucy coming in, next year will surprise on the upside is my prognostication. I'm sure the team and coaches will welcome her and bring out the best in her game.
I love watching how Bluder and company figure out how to maximize different types of players, and this will give us another opportunity to watch their wizardry.

Olsen is not really a shooter (<30% on 3FGs, although it looks like that could go up substantially with better selection), but she is definitely a scorer. She has a quick first step, and she finds all sorts of funky ways to finish. She actually reminds me of a longer Molly Davis in many ways. She got a lot of defensive attention at Villanova, whereas at Iowa that attention will be divided between her, Affolter, and Stuelke. I think this will make her much more efficient. She does not seem to excel as a distributor like Clark or even Davis, but she didn't have teammates like she will at Iowa. I think the assists will be much more spread out this year as it will not just be one player doing most of the playmaking; I wouldn't be surprised to see multiple players averaging 3+ assists.

We are currently full on scholarships, so it appears this will be the team for next year (barring any future departures). I feel really good about this feels like it has Sweet 16 potential.
Pretty big get I'd say.. As far as replacing Clark goes and being able to maintain the style of play they'd been doing this is a good fit. From what little bit I've seen of her tape and I do mean little bit I haven't seen much she looks really good. I like that she can make contested shots off the dribble. It's almost as if she's exactly what they'd need. Iowa's fortunate she's willing to come 'replace' Clark. That kind of thing could make one think twice but good for her.

Getting a veteran like her is huge. I think Iowa's going to be kinda young with like 4 freshman coming in this class with a couple of them probably expected to play early and often. She can help be a bridge for all the youngsters coming in. 3 of them are guards I think Guyton (it sucks Guyton is hurt) and Levin will learn a lot from Lucy

The Levin gal from Solon looks like the real deal. I know she's only played 3A ball but her ball handling skills and jumper look legit to me. I think she'll play alot. And Ava Heiden I think will too. Unless AJ and O'Grady make significant leaps I could see Ava getting some of their mins too.
She is a scorer and seems like an immediate plug and play replacement for CC. Certainly she will never play like CC or to her level, but third leading scorer in the country is nothing to sneeze at, and she is coming into a system that is offensive and shooter friendly. I like the McCabe girl as the other starting perimeter player given her 3-point shooting. I am hoping that 6'4 freshmen is good enough to play alot in the post from the get go, but if not O'Grady has been more than serviceable. The replacement for Kate Martin is going to be the hardest thing for next year. She filled so many holes.

Lucy should fit right in immediately

For the 2023 season, Olsen averaged 23.3 points per game, as well as 4.8 rebounds and 3.8 assists

Lisa is very active right now, securing Iowa Style players who will fit in the playing schemes quite nicely
That's like ordering from Amazon. One perfect product delivered the next day. Lucy, Taylor, Syd, Hannah and one of the big girls and our line up is set. Probably start with Addie but get that top 50ish freshmen some time. Kylie can play all three guard positions, so the women are deeper than it seems. The WBB signed 3 top 100 pgs in the last two classes, again my imperfect recollection could be wrong.
I see that the Kentucky transfer that was to visit right after Lucy has already committed to TCU, joining Haley Van Stiff....................