JBo shooting %

I understand where yer comin' from, and yeah, I'd like to be fair too, but... how are you gonna feel if he directly aids the enemy (like N. Car., Ia. St, Gonzaga etc...) with his sh*tty defense and we lose multiple games? We been blowing out cupcakes, but the reality of the season is starting next game. Let me ask you, personally, what kind of won/lose are you hoping for this "special" year? Be honest. Is 6, 7, 8 or even 9 losses acceptable to you? I blv most here are hoping for a 23-4 record, or the like.
To your point, and to be fair, I'd start him the next 2 games, and if his defense is atrocious, BENCH HIM. Nobody should be guaranteed a spot due;to past performance. NOBODY.
I get your points. I would remind you that we expect our point guards to beat their defenders. So, ours are going to get beat as well. I would also remind you that we have some 6’11” defenders around the basket whose job it is to defend the hoop. It is a team game.
Safe bet that the one Hawkeye that ALL the other teams do not want taking a potential game-winning last shot...is JBo.
He's made the kill-shot many times before. They know it. He knows it.
He has the confidence and experience to keep making those crunch-time shots.
That said, I would be very happy with Wiesy or CJ also taking that same shot.
I have never doubted JBo’s shooting, Big shot ability, or court savvy, only his ability to not be a defensive liability. How do you show statistics when a player beats a man off the dribble and multiple players have to rotate to cover until someone gets a wide open shot. If your an observer of basketball you know it’s usually the guy trying to play help defense that gets called for the foul. Of course I believe JBo is worth it. This team will not shoot 17 threes every night, but defense can be played every night. And defense wins championships.

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