Jason White


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Dropped my son off at the Iowa basketball camp today and Jason happened to be working at the first check-in table at the Field House. Asked him how he was doing and he responded that he was "living the dream." Said he was doing his best to keep the incoming freshman from leapfrogging him on the depth chart, but it was clear that he is loving being a Hawkeye and will give it his all regardless of where he is on the depth chart.

It's so great to meet guys like Jason and hear that attitude from someone who gets it. He's playing football at a major college program, making great connections and friendships, giving it his all and loving every minute of it. It's especially great after months of watching the prima donna recruits and cheaters. I wish him the best this year.


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Great post. Love hearing about these kind of players, who may not see a ton of field time but are definitely good guys and do other things to contribute.


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Had virtually the same conversation...

I asked him, 'How's the knee coming along...?' And he said 'fantastic' (appeared totally taken aback that I knew who he was)...As I was about to walk away, he offered his hand, for a shake. Genuine kid (sometimes you can tell)...