IU Avenges Earlier Loss to Hawkeyes

Again we get shut down when we play physical teams. Gabbie continues to get minutes...WHY? Syd doesn't enter the game until early in the 2nd quarter...toughest girl on our team bar none. Kate Martin continues to be a yo-yo. These elite teams are built on POWER, PHYSICALITY, and SIZE. Bluder continues to stick her head in the sand and do nothing in the portal. If I were Caitlin I would tell Bluder I am recruiting 1 power forward and 1 center and you will give them a scholarship...otherwise goodbye.
Blueprint on how to beat Iowa:

Smother CC as much as possible
Play a physical inside game on offense
Make the others beat you
Hustle back on offense
I think we would've beaten them if it wasn't for Bluder. She threw the game intentionally to show Caitlin that nothing good happens in Indiana and that she should come back another year.
I can agree that nothing good happens in Indiana- many years ago, wife and I were traveling East on 80 headed to East coast- overnighted in Ind, went to a chain sports bar restaurant as Iowa was playing Indiana in basketball- Knight was still coaching, but we won the game handily, it must have been obvious we were supporting Iowa. Someone threw a wadded up beer soaked napkin at us. We left before it escalated to beer bottles.
We’re sliding to a 3 seed at this rate. Sad to waste such a generational talent.
How did we waste a generational talent? We've got some conference championships, conference tournament championships, and made it all the way to the championship as a 2 seed. Three games left and we are going to be a 1 2 or 3 seed with another chance at a long run.

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